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Sweet Wines

Vintage: 2018
Filling Quantity: 0,75 l
Fresh acidity. Gentle fruit. Pleasant grassy spice. Nuances of green pepper in the background. Ripe, fruity taste of elderberries and gooseberry. A young wine with a special attribute with an exceptional animatig relation between grassy freshness and a distinct fruitiness...
Ex Tax:6.19€
Vintage: 2019
Filling Quantity: 0,75 l
Intense fruit. Dominant heart cherry. Floral taste of jasmin and hibiscus in the background. Slight flavour of wild strawberry and raspberry. Fine spiciness of allspice and anise. Fresh black bread. Strong body. A classic Zweigelt taste and freshening fruitiness guarantee a great drinking flow...
Ex Tax:5.31€
Vintage: 2017
Filling Quantity: 0,375 l
Sweetish aroma of fresh grapes. Scents of citrus and lychees. Refreshing relation of sweetness and acidity. Pleasant herbal taste. Ripe grapefruit and orange. A fruity Auslese with a perfect balance of sweetness, acidity and spiciness...
Ex Tax:7.96€
Vintage: 2017
Filling Quantity: 0,375 l
Full-bodied. Velvet. Strong body. Dezent freshness. Ripe composition out of pear, apple and honeydew. Slight buttery taste. Off-dry. Spicy taste supports the sweetness very elegantly. Long strong aftertaste...
Ex Tax:8.32€
Vintage: NV
Filling Quantity: 0,375 l
Intense fruit aroma of quince, peach and apple compote. Soft and mellow on the palate. Decent blackberry and raspberry flavour. Gentle roasting flavour of light caramel. A sweet, little tart BA with an animating symbiosis between a spiciness and a fruitiness...
Ex Tax:9.65€
Vintage: 2018
Filling Quantity: 0,375 l
Fine flavour of botrytis. Fruity. Tropical. Ripe bananas and mango. Subtle aromatic spice. Little tart citrus thyme. Mild, but very well integrated acidity. Strong, dense body. Creamy and heady on the palate. Black currant. Long aftertaste with a vanilla and citrus taste...
Ex Tax:14.16€
Vintage: 2008
Filling Quantity: 0,375 l
Mature. Fresh apricot compote. Glorious apricot and butterscotch complexity. Ginger top notes. Spicy citrus marmalade. Caramelised pineapple on the palate. High complexity due to the maturity. High, flavour attracting balance with a zesty acid backbone...
Ex Tax:22.12€
Vintage: 2015
Filling Quantity: 0,375 l
Sweet. Fresh fruit salad aromas. Golden yellow colour. Lychee flavours. Frosty notes with ripe pears. Viscous texture. Floral with tangy orange marmalade and honeyed melons. Luscious fruit with lemon curd and flowers in a lengthy finish...
Ex Tax:20.35€
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